Brandwerende coating aanbrengen Venko

Minimise risks: coating providing structural fire protection

Protect your structure from the disastrous consequences of fire in the most efficient and safe manner. Venko is your partner for the application of structural fire protection coatings that enable you to minimise risk. We have extensive experience in this field and the materials we use are ideal for coping with the most severe service conditions.

The materials we use include Chartek 7 coating from International Paint and Pitt-Char XP from PPG Coatings.


Manual or spray application

We select the most efficient solution (either manual application or spray application) depending on the specific conditions associated with your project. We use two-component hot airless spray equipment for larger surface areas.


We will be pleased to demonstrate how our fire protection coatings can benefit your project. Please contact us if you would like an informal meeting to discuss our recommendations.