Brandwerende coating aanbrengen Venko

What we do

We work hard and try to achieve the very best. We work with tried and tested techniques and processes, and improve and innovate in order to be able to offer an optimal process to the customer. We don't stop when something is not quite completed. We see every job as a challenge to show what we are capable of and we have no problem taking on risky assignments!

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Minimising risks

We take your project seriously, just as we do the safety of our employees. We take care at all times that risks are restricted to a minimum. Specific risk analyses are drawn up for each project and the required control measures are determined. The control measures can vary from special auxiliary constructions to specific equipment or personal protective equipment.

Furthermore, our employees are trained in working safely. Along with following our standard package of training courses employees are specifically trained for the sector in which they work. This includes, among others, courses such as:

  • “Safety training alongside railway lines” 
  • “Working safely on or in the vicinity of high-voltage pylons”
  • And specific training courses for (petro)chemical production locations.

Restricting risks not only applies for the safety of our people, but covers the entire project, and therefore also the quality, the environment, your installation and the planning.


Skilled specialists

We deploy skilled specialists to achieve optimal results. Employees are trained in metal preservation, both within Venko as well as with external parties. In addition, a large group of painters are personally certified for various competence profiles.Furthermore, to guarantee the quality a large group of site agents are NACE-CIP level 1 certified. This is an internationally recognized Coating Inspector Programme.