Offshore View Goeree

Our values

VENKO is company of real diehards who go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the success of the projects they are involved in. Dedication, integrity and a focus on clients are therefore core values within our organisation. It is this combination that has given us a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, the enthusiasm to meet challenges head-on and a constant desire to ‘make things better’. We are passionate about our work and are proud of our team and our joint achievements.


Our dedicated team of professionals can supervise your project from beginning to end by providing the right advice, the right materials and the right people. Our approach is transparent and we are keen to rise to any challenge relating to building preservation. We provide the perfect Finishing Touch to every project: a beautiful and lasting result!


Dedication, we really go for it

We tackle projects on the basis of a joint effort. The right people from our team provide their expertise and specialist knowledge for your specific project. Our employees are an extension of our company and that is why we take good care of them. This enables them to perform optimally with the same level of motivation each and every day.


Integrity, we do what we say

We believe it is important that our clients and employees are happy. Within our organisation we deliberately have short lines of communication and clear principles. If we make agreements, we stick to them. We observe the applicable legislation and regulations while also fulfilling our customers' requirements. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what to expect from us.


A focus on clients: you are important

No matter what project we are involved in, we never forget that we are working for you and your specific project. We want our clients to be satisfied with our service. To guarantee this, we work continually on improving the craftsmanship and level of knowledge of our employees. We carefully guard our transparent method of working and streamlined production process. In this way we can stay true to ourselves and apply new knowledge, skills and insights on behalf of your project.