Venko Offshore Goeree


The policy of Venko is primarily aimed at her activities taking place in such a controlled manner that incidents will be prevented and that law and legislation is complied with and that the requirements of the client are met.

All activities must be systematically identified in order to determine the accompanying risk level. These risks need to then be reduced to the lowest practically attainable level. Quality, safety, health, wellbeing and environment are a primary, not to be delegated responsibility of each employee.

Health and Safety

The health and safety policy primarily focusses on the identification and control of risks in the  execution of tasks and the prevention of all incidents. This does not only apply to our own employees but also to individuals of any third party whether or not involved in the activities of Venko.



(Venko is a member of the Contractor Alliance for Safety On Shell operations. Safety is at the center of this alliance)



The environmental policy focusses on the prevention of harming and inconveniencing the environment as a result of activities taking place. If this is practically impossible,  the company aims to keep it to a minimum. A detailed Environmental Aspects and Effects Register (Dutch: MAER) provides an overview of environment performance and serves as a basis for determining aims/objectives. The main focus is on reduction of the total energy consumption and CO2 emission associated with it.



The policy for quality focusses mainly at optimally controlling all activities whereby quality demanded by the client is guaranteed. Through increasing skills and knowledge of her employees, and stimulating uniformity in work methods and to streamline the production process that focuses on the  prevention of mistakes, Venko wants to be considered a high quality contractor and thereby aims to provide services to the full satisfaction of its clients.


Continuous improvements

Venkostrives for continuous improvement in each field and all of its activities.

Concrete aims/objectives and action plans are annually determined on the basis of the analysis of available data.