Venko Offshore Platform

What we do

Preparation is key to the success of all offshore assignments. By getting involved in the preparatory stages of a project we can define and check both micro and macro details to guarantee that it proceeds smoothly, on schedule and within budget. This means that on a multidisciplinary assignment we are responsible for not only the preservation of the fabric of an asset but also access requirements, trace heating, insulation, and mechanical operations for example.

(VENKO FM Barge in development)

The solutions we provide are ultimately efficient and effective, from the most appropriate cleaning and preliminary treatment methods to the most suitable protective coating, fireproofing and insulation systems.

Our specialists are experts in safety and safe access. We are responsible for all our special access systems, including scaffolding and rope access, certified to IRATA International Code of Practice. We will only select the most appropriate access technique to ensure the safe and efficient execution of the workscope.

The core of our offshore division is comprised of 250 highly skilled professionals and expands to over 500 in peak demand. Staff can be deployed flexibly to all manner of onshore and offshore sites thanks to their extensive training, education. Our competency management systems ensure that personnel are equipped to safely and effectively carry out the tasks they are assigned and many of our staff have multiple skill sets which can add value to any team. 

Venko has several locations in the Netherlands and the UK to be able to serve our clients across the entire North Sea.