Venko Offshore coating work


Venko strive to bring the latest in technology, process and practice to our operations.

Examples of this are in use of the following innovations:

  • 2-component pump for superior quality dispersal and reduced paint loss.
  • Recycling of blasting agents to reduce dust production and waste.
  • Fire resistant, insulating and tank coatings.
  • Special rig to safely access objects from the water.
  • Web-based asset management systems for online project management.
  • WDOS Wet and Dry Atex approved blast pot
  • Sulzer Gun for small areas and stripe coating
  • Innovative  coating on a mechanical prepared surface
  • Nova 3000 blast helmet
  • Latest generation composite wrap technology

Our specialists are always happy to provide you with additional details on what we can do. Please do not hesitate to contact us.