Onderzeeer Venko Maritiem

Maritime – Vessel preservation

Our Maritime division conducts work on various ships of the Navy Fleet of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The fleet distinguishes between three distinct categories of naval units: small surface vessels, large surface vessels, and subsurface vessels. Venko has years of experience on ships in all of these categories, allowing us to guarantee quality and safety during projects. To this end, our QHSE managers, among others, conduct a safety check on all the ongoing projects every two weeks.

Our maritime projects include full abrasive blasting and the application of a new coating system on Walrus class submarines and partial rust removal, touch up, and the application of a completely new finishing coat on frigates and small surface vessels. Venko Outdoor conducts both large scale life-extending maintenance and regular maintenance on vessels. The Walrus class submarine Preservation Project involves blasting all inner and outer tanks, the continuous spaces, and the outer skin down to the metal and applying a new coating system.

Innovations introduced during our projects:

  • 2K paint pump. The pot life --the time that a two component paint can be used after mixing -- of a tank coating is usually relatively short. By using a 2K paint pump, the paint is only mixed after passing the mixing block, allowing our painters to set up in the best position before starting the application in confined spaces. This guarantees excellent visual and qualitative results. The use of the 2K pump also results in less waste, reducing the environmental impact.
  • Grit recycling unit. A grit recycling unit is used during large-scale abrasive blasting of tanks. The recycler recycles the steel grit, which can then be reused multiple times. The grit is regularly sampled in order to guarantee the quality of work. Recycling grit also reduces the environmental impact.

Venko has a blasting booth by the open water in Den Helder for abrasive blasting and preserving removable parts of ships, among others. Treating these parts in a closed space provides further control over the environmental factors, ensuring even higher quality.

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