Isolatie coating

Insulating coatings

Corrosion under thermal insulation forms a significant threat to the reliability and integrity of your assets. An extremely corrosive environment can develop under thermal insulation enabling serious corrosion to take place very quickly. Timely specialist intervention by Venko can guarantee the integrity of your process. The application of insulating coating systems is a new Venko service.


Depending on the situation, a thermally insulating coating layer is available that provides equivalent or even better insulation than conventional fibre or foam thermal insulation systems and this at just a fraction of the normal thickness. The product used adheres directly to the surface, also providing protection from corrosion under insulation. This system ensures seamless insulation, even on irregular surfaces.


The insulation can be applied in our shop spray facilities, prior to delivery to site, reducing the amount of scaffolding needed on site. The lower thickness of these thermal insulation coatings compared to traditional systems enables steel structures (pipe bridges) to be smaller (saving space on site). An extra benefit is that pipes, structures and tanks can be visually monitored more easily.


We will be pleased to demonstrate how our insulating coatings can benefit your project. Please contact us if you would like an informal meeting to discuss our recommendations.