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Industry - Industrial paintwork

The Industry sector carries out its activities for customers in, for example, the (petro)chemical industry, gas industry, container construction, service stations and the dairy industry. Work is often carried out in an environment where the customer's production must continue, or where the activities must be carried out very quickly during a stop in production.

Venko is an experienced specialist in working in an operational environment, where safety is given the highest priority. Clear principles and strict rules are specified. We give great attention to ensuring that everything that has been agreed to is complied with.

Along with the execution of paint work we can also offer a large package of services. As an experienced multidisciplinary contractor Venko can also organize the coordination and construction of, for example, scaffolding, insulation and structural activities within the projects.



For cleaning in industrial environments Venko is affiliated with the Industrial Cleaning Foundation. This foundation guarantees the uniformity of legislation within the industry with regard to the execution of high pressure cleaning activities.


In addition, the Industry department is specialized in the protection of underground applications, using agents such as Stopaq. A large number of people have been specially trained for this purpose. In addition, our specialists can apply fire resistant coatings and insulating coatings to structures on site.