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Almost any activity within the company causes CO2-emissions. If it’s about direct emissions of combustion of fuels, or indirect of the production process. The emissions of CO2 have an big influence on the environment. Venko is aware of the fact that the harmful emissions of the CO2 emissions are a part of her company activity. 

CO2-preformanceladder level 5.

Ever since 2012 Venko is certified level 3 of Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden en Ondernemen ( And already since 2015 on level 5.  

CO2-Awareness Certificate, level 5.

As a goal Venko wants to reach an energy reduction of 20% in the year 2018 relative to the reference year of 2010.

Every year the company looks at the CO2-footprint, which the fossil fuels from the fleet and the energy like electricity and natural gas, are the main cause. Based on these facts there will be measures to reduce our footprint.

CO2 emission, together we will reduce.

CO2 savings we will do this together. It is really important that everybody contributes his part in this matter. Next to Venko her own efforts that lead to the reduce, we are asking also an proactive attitude from our (sub-)contractors and suppliers. Venko takes the corporate social responsibility to make the organisations in the industry and the whole production chain aware of their CO2-emissions. Venko does this to simply to ask their suppliers to provide us an simplified CO2-footprint.

Venko communicates about her energy reduce policy, CO2-footprint and quantitative reduce goals intern and extern every half year.

We also refer you to the website of SKAO (Stichting Klimaatvriendelijke Aanbesteden & Ondernemen) where you can find more information about the CO2-preformenceladder.

Realized initatives in 2017:

  • Purchasing green energy (Dutch wind energy and green compensated gas)
  • Venko Straal- en coatingbedrijf Hoogeveen provided of LED lightning
  • Installation of smart meters for the purpose of monitoring the energy use
  • Continuation of vehicles with energy label A or B.  

Lean & Green

On 30 November 2016 Venko Groep B.V. has received the Lean & Green Personal Mobility award. The program of Lean & Green stimulates organisations to grow together to a higher level of durability by taking measures who not only saves money but at the same time environmental impact reduces till a more efficiency of the company-/logistic processes.
The measures who Venko takes to reach her logistic goals are on the level of:

  • Making changes in the fleet
  • The sharpening of the lease policy.
  • Monitoring the durability drive behaviour.