Venko Schilderwerken B.V. wins the customer satisfaction award 2015!

Venko Schilderwerken B.V. wins the customer satisfaction award 2015!

During the annual election of the National SchildersVakprijs (National Painting Awards) Venko won the customer satisfaction award for 2015!

What is the National SchildersVakprijs?

The goal of these awards are to promote and create awareness for quality in the painting/maintenance business. Additionally, the promotion and creation of awareness for quality also focuses on important third parties such as clients. This is facilitated by rewarding excellence in painting and maintenance projects. The National SchildersVakprijs exists since 2008 and is being held by Eisma Bouwmedia, publicist of SchildersVakkrant, Eisma;s Schilderblad and annually.

Six categories are awarded every year:

  1. The  audience award
  2. The jury award
  3. Painting Category - Maintenance
  4. Painting Category - Construction
  5. Painting Category - Decorative Painting
  6. Customer Satisfaction

The jury award and three of the category awards are judged by a skilled panel consisting of seven people.

We have put forward our Breskens lighthouse project which we executed on behave of RWS. RWS was approached by SchilderKTV with a customer satisfaction survey. The judges nominated 36 projects in 2015 based on photographs, the project description, the enrolment motivation and the customer satisfaction report. Early September we got the news that our project was nominated.

During a festive gathering on October 29th 2015 in Haren in the Brabant province Venko were given the Customer Satisfaction Award. The award was accepted by Richard Schonewille (left) and Bert Polman (right) on behave of Venko.

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