Venko’s Safety Milestones

Venko’s Safety Milestones

Barge Campaign ONEgas

Venko hereby likes to inform you on the continuation of Goal Zero on the Barge Campaign achieved by Venko Offshore:

  • 2 year Goal Zero achieved!
  • Currently over 730 Goal Zero Day’s in a row!

We keep looking back at a project where an exceptional safety behavior in a respectful and positive working environment has led to the safe execution of many activities and an experience that will be carried with us for the future.  And obviously our target is to get the same results of the Clipper project, who ware currently on 246 days Goal Zero.

Barge Campaign major operator in the SNS

For a major operator in the southern North Sea, Venko has been executing multiple integrity projects where we reached the 500 days incident free record! This record has been achieved since the start of the campaign.

Venko’s safety record is very important and these successes reinforce Venko’s commitment to safety in all areas of her business.

We obviously do recognize that this achievement has been reached with support of lots of other people and we would like to thank them all for their support.

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