Venko in full swing on the Willemsbrug!

Venko in full swing on the Willemsbrug!

Venko Outdoor has begun extensive maintenance of the 35-year-old Willemsbrug in Rotterdam. The first work for this major contract started in late January 2017.

From 27 January, the construction of scaffolding took place both during the day and at night. First, a free-span table structure was constructed across all lanes of traffic on the bridge, as traffic must be able to continue as usual during the work on the bridge pylons. Scaffolder Van der Panne is currently constructing the rest of the scaffolding on top of that structure.

Once the scaffolding is complete and fully approved for working on, the impressive construction will be wrapped in film, after which the preservation work can commence. The outside of the South Pylon will be cleaned, blasted, metallised, and coated. Venko will also restore the old paintwork inside the South Pylon at the same time.

Starting in the 2nd half of February, Venko will also start work on the sides of the bridge; they will be given the same treatment as the outside of the iconic pylons. Preservation of the underside of the Willemsbrug is scheduled to begin as early as March. The treatment will be carried out from North to South, using the maintenance traveller under the bridge. With the right safety modifications, the maintenance traveller can be efficiently and safely used as a work space. Mid-2017, when the South Pylon is complete, the entire scaffolding structure will be moved to the North Pylon, which will then be "packaged" and preserved in an identical manner.

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