Venko All Over The World!

Venko All Over The World!

From the Netherlands to Norway, and from Norway to Madeira, Venko travels with our clients to perform to the highest standards in safety, quality and flexibility. Venko has been awarded the contract by Heerema for Paint Refurbishment of the A-Frame on the Deepwater Construction Vessel Balder.

The first paint refurbishments were conducted on the A-frame, the back-leg, the walkways and stairways around the A-frame, the bumpers, and the booms.


As a working at height specialist since its founding, Venko was perfectly suited for the project. Venko was able to reach every surface safely and efficiently by using a combination of access methods including Rope Access, and fixed and mobile scaffolding structures.

The top of the A-frame was accessed by means of scaffolding. The A-frame inclusive back-leg, booms, and the bumper  were addressed by Rope Access painters.


Venko pooled its International resources from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to carry out the work. Using this cooperation, Venko was able to create high performing teams and set standards  of delivery which has resulted in a strong partnership with Heerma as a result.


The A-frame was treated in the Caland Canal in Rozenburg (NL), but the partnership with Heerema continues across borders. Venko has been awarded an additional contract for works on the crane housing, and the accommodation whilst the Balder is in Norway, and then sets sail to Madeira. Venko’s Rope Access painters will remain on board the Balder during its travel south for the final phase of the project.


Before finishing the Balder project, Venko has already been awarded a painting contract for Heerema ‘s  largest Deepwater Construction Vessel : the Thialf. The integrity work is mainly focused on similar areas of the A-frame, but on the Thialf the Port Side crane as well as the Starboard crane will be treated in 2016 and 2017!

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