Venko 3 years Goal Zero on Barge Campaign

Venko 3 years Goal Zero on Barge Campaign

2nd of December 2016 marks the 3 year Goal Zero achieved by Venko Offshore on the ONEgas Barge Campaign Project.

Venko Offshore are proud to report that we have reached the next milestone with our drive for Goal Zero on the Barge Campaign for ONEgas;

  • 3 year  Goal Zero achieved!
  • As of 2nd December 2014, TRCF is  0.0 (MTC/ Strained wrist)
  • Hours since last recordable;  409.000

Besides this achievement, Venko is also proud with the following achievements on ONEgas assets;

Clipper, 587 day’s Goal Zero

  • Last recordable : none (1 incident non work related)
  • Last LTI: none
  • Hours since start of project; 97.700  ( since 23-3-2015)

Maintenance East 620 day’s Goal Zero

  • Last recordable was 25-4-2015  (Strained a muscle in his back while lifting bag with blasting grit)
  • Last LTI; none
  • Hours since last recordable;  403.835.

We continue to deliver a project where an exceptional safety behavior and a respectful and positive working environment has led to the safe execution of many activities.

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