Venko 1000 day's Goal Zero!

Venko 1000 day's Goal Zero!

August 29th 2016 marks the 1000 day’s Goal Zero achieved by Venko Offshore on the ONEgas Barge Campaign Project.

Venko Offshore are proud to report that we have reached another milestone with our drive for Goal Zero on the Barge Campaign for ONEgas;

  • 1000 day’s Goal Zero achieved!
  • As of 2nd December 2013, TRCF is  0.0 (MTC/ Strained wrist)

We continue to deliver a project where an exceptional safety behavior and a respectful and positive working environment has led to the safe execution of many activities and an experience that will be carried with us for the future.

When we shared the milestone of two years recordable free, we challenged all involved to continue the performance and keep going, day by day and we now can say that it has been done successfully.

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